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  • Heavy slot gacor Things

    Heavy slot gacor Things0

      My wife used to say of the silly problems her suburban houswives friends would bear, “Everyone has problems, and everyone’s problems are big.” I always thought that was silly. I mean, there are people who have REAL problems. I grew so slot gacor with the presumption that everyone’s problems have the same import that she

  • Everything and situs online Nothing (to do with poker)0

      Up for Poker lost a dear friend this weekend. He was 34 years old. The last time I talked to Gulfman was Tuesday in one of the cramped edit bays here at work. He was dressed as always with khaki shorts, a clean company logo shirt and filthy leather boots, just staring at the

  • New TwoPlusTwo Book slothoki0

      Two Plus Two will be publishing a new book on hold’em aimed at lower limits. It is called — not surprisingly — Hold’em Poker for Low Limit Players. The book is authored by Ed Miller, David Sklansky, and Mason Malmuth. The book was first announced by Mason on the 2+2 forums. Interestingly, Ed Miller

  • Ben Lamb the Chip Leader after Day 2 of the bandar slot pulsa Main Event0

      The biggest poker event in the world finally kicked off almost a week ago on July 7th. There had been some speculation that participation for the WSOP Main Event would be drastically lower this year due to recent problems with online poker it the US. Numbers were, indeed, lower than last year, but it