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    • Movistar adopts US Pre commercials

      Movistar adopts US Pre commercials0

      We all remember Palm’s Pre commercials here in the US and how it had such a negative response from the majority of us yet it somehow hit the target audience just right. Well Movistar in Spain has decided to adopt the same ad campaign with a cut and paste version of the commercials. The same

    • Palm Pre for only $49

      Palm Pre for only $490

      If you think getting the Palm Pre for just $99 is a good deal why not stop by a Furniture Mart and pick one up for just $49 out the door? If you live in Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska you must know of the Furniture Mart chain famous for having rock bottom prices. With the Pre costing

    • Video unboxing of Palm Pixi

      Video unboxing of Palm Pixi0

      The guys over at WireFly have posted a video of what we now know as the first video unboxing of the Palm Pixi just days before it hits Sprint store shelves. If you have a Pre you won’t find this unboxing to be anything new or special. Palm has decided to go with the same theme as

    • Touchstone plagued with bugs?

      Touchstone plagued with bugs?0

      Palm’s new Touchstone is one of the hottest mobile phone accessories of all time and it is so incredible to be able to charge your phone without opening the port and plugging it in every time. This comes in particularly handy when you always have a lot going on with your phone throughout the day

    • New apps added to the App Catalog, Nov 7

      New apps added to the App Catalog, Nov 70

      This round of inductees in the App Catalog seem to be mostly a bunch of quizzes and trivia apps and a Pro version of mCraig the mobile Craigslist search app.  There is a really cool very simple 8-bit Twitter application but don’t expect it to outweigh any other comparable apps as far as features. mCraig

    • Pre ads rated among top most annoying tech ads

      Pre ads rated among top most annoying tech ads0

      We have all seen our fair share of annoying ads run by various companies that we just don’t want to ever have the misfortune of seeing again. The Pre’s adds here in the US have been knocked around and criticized time after time and it seems that nobody enjoys them in the slightest bit. The