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  • Happy Birthday, George W. Bush and 50 Cent!!0

    • game
    • September 14, 2022

    50 Cent and George W. Bush celebrate birthdays today. Give it up for firearms!In a week that has already marked America’s 236th birthday, as well as milestones for the bikini (66), Malia Obama (14), The Situation (30), Tom Cruise (50) and Lindsay Lohan (26 going on 47), we honor some all-stars today as well.The only

  • Indonesian Online winning369 Site0

      Games from trusted on the net poker internet sites in Dalam negri are very famous along with the public because involving comfortable access and of program safer than performing poker directly. Numerous gaming video games can now be enjoyed on-line so that people like gambling. Not interestingly, when this time began to turn up

  • What be happenin’ slot onlain?0

    I’ve been pretty consumed with side projects lately, putting in 20 hr days for several weeks now between the day job and my side business, and haven’t been playing much slot onlain. Taking my body and mind right to the point of burn-out and tiptoe-ing along that line. Just like playing a rush at the card

  • How To Win at sbo Craps0

      Whenever I get to the Coushatta for a little NL action, I have a little time to kill while the waiting list either whittles down or gets big enough to open a new table. Unfortunately, that makes it easy for me to give in to my gambling urges. Slots do nothing for me. I

  • Keep your aces and kings: How I survived a Phil Ivey slot games that pay real money0

      I’ve always kept my space with Phil Ivey. Most pros long for the spotlight, making my approach pretty damn easy. Throw around the letters ‘espn’ once or twice and they get the message; I (or anyone writing columns on espn web space) can give them exposure. In that regard, talking to me is generally

  • Beginners sanghoki Luck?0

      A few days ago fishboatace signed up with Carbon sanghoki and deposited a small amount of cash into his player account. A few days later, he won over $25k in the Caribbean 20c Jackpot. Congratulations fishboat, enjoy your winnings. This is the 4th time that Caribbean Stud has paid out a jackpot of $20, 000