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  • Palm shows off Ares at Open Mobile Summit

    Palm shows off Ares at Open Mobile Summit0

    Recently Palm took the time to demonstrate a new web-based development environment at the Open Mobile Summit conference in San Francisco. This development environment called “Ares” is designed to be a faster way to create webOS applications with a nice drag-and-drop interface. Ares is created to help the many web developers out there make the

  • Movistar adopts US Pre commercials

    Movistar adopts US Pre commercials0

    We all remember Palm’s Pre commercials here in the US and how it had such a negative response from the majority of us yet it somehow hit the target audience just right. Well Movistar in Spain has decided to adopt the same ad campaign with a cut and paste version of the commercials. The same

  • Palm Pre for only $49

    Palm Pre for only $490

    If you think getting the Palm Pre for just $99 is a good deal why not stop by a Furniture Mart and pick one up for just $49 out the door? If you live in Iowa, Kansas or Nebraska you must know of the Furniture Mart chain famous for having rock bottom prices. With the Pre costing

  • Video unboxing of Palm Pixi

    Video unboxing of Palm Pixi0

    The guys over at WireFly have posted a video of what we now know as the first video unboxing of the Palm Pixi just days before it hits Sprint store shelves. If you have a Pre you won’t find this unboxing to be anything new or special. Palm has decided to go with the same theme as