ECAF is committed to being transparent about its processes and case load. However, as a largely volunteer run effort, the desired level of transparency will take time to achieve.

Overview of case load

  • Key stats as of 14 December 2018
    • 864 cases filed
    • 3,479 actions including e-mails, waivers, emergency arbitration orders and evidence requests
    • Percentage of pending cases that are lost keys: 39%

Ongoing cases

  1. Case #ECAF00000441
  2. Case #ECAF00000409
  3. Case #ECAF00000471

Additional case details to come.

Ruled cases

  1. Case #ECAF00000023
  2. Case #ECAF00000027
  3. Case #ECAF00000119
  4. Case #ECAF00000464